Armada Tower



  • Project Name - Armada Tower
  • Number of Floors - 42 (172m)
  • Duration - 2005-2008
  • Architect, MEP & Structure - Er. Adnan Saffarini
  • Project Design Director - Er. Majid Hashmi (Concept to Construction)


Armada Towers is comprised of three towers offering residential living, office and commercial spaces set around a lakeside development. Each tower consists of different types of apartments and office spaces complete with recreational facilities. At the base of each tower there are retail units offering many amenities from shopping to dining. The three Armada Towers together house 1,200 apartments as part of the wider Jumeirah Lake Towers development.

The main design concept behind the project is inspired by three ships sailing in different directions, with the sunlight reflecting off of their glass sails and acting as a beacon for the complex. Thus it is clear to orientate oneself in the city when viewing relative to the development, by the differing perspective arrangement of the three towers. The towers command a central focus in the area and overlook an elegant landscape, nestled between lakes, islands, gardens and waterfalls.