Elite Tower



  • Project Name - Elite Tower
  • Number of Floors - 91 (381m)
  • Duration - 2007-2012
  • Architect, MEP & Structure - Er. Adnan Saffarini
  • Project Design Director - Er. Majid Hashmi (Concept to Construction)


Elite Residence is a supetall skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in the Dubai Marina district, overlooking one of the manmade palm islands, Palm Jumeirah. The building stands 380.5 meters (1,248 ft) tall and has 91 floors. Of the 91 floors 76 are for 695 apartments and the other 15 include amenities such as car-parking, swimming pools, spas, reception areas, health clubs, a business center and agymnasium. The skyscraper has 695 apartments, and 12 elevators] the tower was the third tallest residential building in the world when completed in 2012, becoming the fourth tallest following the completion of 432 Park Avenue.