AL Jaleela Hospital



  • Project Name - AL Jaleela Hospital
  • Number of Floors - 3B+G+4
  • Duration - 2010-2012
  • Architect, MEP&, structure - Studio Alteiri (ITALY)
  • MEP&, structure - Er. Adnan Saffarini
  • Project Design Director - Er. Majid Hashmi (Concept to Construction)


Al Jalila Hospital (Al Jalila Children's Specialty Hospital) was ordered to be built by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum as a gift to the children of the UAE to celebrate his daughter Al Jalila’s first birthday. The first phase opened in 2013. The hospital, located in Dubai, was designed by Italian architectural firm Studio Altieri International. It was developed to be a 'smart hospital' that integrates IT and design features to create a positive and entertaining environment for patients and families.


To meet the Architechtural demands 10 meters Cantilevers were provided.

Complete Structure is of STEEL & COMPOSITE members.

Largest span provided was of 20 meters.

Virendeel girders were implemented to make long cantilevers possible upto 10 meters.

Gravity system is Structural Steel Composite decking.